COVID-19 Esports


Whether it’s because the coronavirus made us look up and look around, or whether it’s a whole new scenario that was just waiting to happen, the truth is that betting on Esports is getting stronger by the minute.

After having settled into a seemingly endless, coronavirus time-out, the NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB not only left the players and spectators running around in circles, but also the billion-dollar industry that feeds off from contact sports. But hey, sportsbooks and bookmakers were not going to just sit this one out, and they happily got creative: they discovered a no-contact, no-hassle type of competition that flexed and adjusted to their needs, in the form of Esports wagering. It’s Esports bitch!


Growing Betting Menu

Lines on video games sprung up everywhere, keeping both gamblers and bookmakers happy. Video games such as LoL, Dota2, CS:GO, Fortnite, Call of Duty, NBA2K20, NASCAR races, all virtual, safe and corona-free, came to fill in the uncomfortable gap left by other sports, and even prompted licensing agreements between video sports and contact-sports player association.

Such an agreement is Electronic Arts’ recent one with the NFL league and NFL Players Association for “multi-year” renewals of its licensing agreements, for the continued production of its Madden NFL series. Apparently, this extension of the deal between NFL and Electronic Arts will be running all the way to the 2025 season, or even further on. It totally looks as if betting on Esports is here to stay, with or without the pandemic. Yeeeiiihhh for us!

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