Or not. It “appeared” to be accidentally, but either way, the patch notes were leaked a week early, and the 2020 anniversary event has been unveiled, too, plus a few of the legendary skins that are to be available in the game. Oh right!

A blue post by the Overwatch community manager Josh Nash was screen-grabbed and posted by a Twitter fan. In it, the game’s May 19th patch notes, 2020 anniversary event, plus the new legendary skins for Reaper, Mercy, and Ashe were made public ahead of time. Other skins unveiled were for Carbon Fiber Sigma, Fleur de Lis Widowmaker, and Masked Man McCree. The “leak” also mentioned that previous seasonal brawls would become available in the arcade on a rotating basis during the course of the event.

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The telltale post can no longer be found on the website and seems to be a mistake generated by Blizzard, since they posted a whole different set of patch notes focused on changes to the Overwatch Experimental Mode, but that was about it. So…  If for some reason we don’t see Nash anymore, then… the leak was not part of the plan?


Ever since its addition to Overwatch at the start of March Season 21, there has been some controversy arising from Hero Pools, and it has hit Houston Outlaws’ assistant coach Dream hard.

Hero Pools is a ban system where specific heroes are briefly held and locked out of the game; the intent is to add variety to the meta, but Houston Outlaws’ assistant coach begs to differ, “I’ve never been more frustrated with the community and their separation from the competitive scene than when I read the Reddit thread about how hero pools are great. Hero pools are the worst thing ever to happen to OW. Everyone I’ve talked to hates them, they make our lives hell,” he tweeted in disgust.

Needless to say, Hero Pools is, in his opinion, the “worst thing” to happen to Overwatch, since they make the game less rewarding and up the level of stress. “The system is a joke and ruins team’s ability to iterate and learn and improve,” plus he thinks the teams can’t film themselves or their opponents because “it will never be the same meta again.” It’s a “bullshitting their matches” thing, according to Dream.

While Dream thinks this is THE reason players are retiring from the Overwatch League and the game, we have indeed Overwatch has seen a decline in pro players and streamers. Many have already retired saying they have totally lost interest in Overwatch, and have turned to VALORANT. There really is a need to improve the adjustments made to Overwatch.

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