‘Tis the season to be… greedy? ‘Cause it seems eBay has taken a not-very-altruistic stance regarding gaming console sales. It has smothered sales fees in all sales regarding gaming consoles and has actively enabled seedy scalpers to continue… well, scalping.

In the light of how hard it is to come by the much-coveted PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X in these stay-at-home times, the gaming consoles have basically sold out since their release date; most customers have then either turned to waiting for re-stocking at major retailers or to hitting up eBay for a next-gen console fix.

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Here’s the catch: prices on eBay are in the 2x or 3x of the original cost of the consoles. Heck, even before the consoles came out, there were people on eBay charging that same inflated price just to get a hold of a preorder!

It’s scalping any way you look at it, and now that the consoles are out in the open since last week, of course the party has continued. While scalping is legal in some places, it is basically a dishonest practice and illegal in some others, but it’s what’s going down on eBay. Their move?

Waiving selling fees for gaming consoles last weekend which totally makes them the accomplice in the online scalping scheme that’s going on through their platform.

The fee-waiving was alerted by a ResetEra user named ASEdouard when they posted an email they got from eBay waiving the fees, “Pay no selling fees on gaming consoles. This weekend only, sell your console (max. 3 sales) and save!” the email read.

With a juicy cut of 12% from every sale, it’s only logical the online sales giant wants to clear the field and remove the obstacles for those running the overpriced transactions…ahem, scalping.

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