He’s back, and just as disrespectful as ever. After lots of speculation in regards to the ban imposed by streaming service Twitch on the famous gaming celebrity, Herschel “Guy” Beahm, better known as Dr Disrespect, mind you, made his official Youtube debut late in the afternoon of August 7th, but, contrary to the fans belief that he would finally disclose some intel on the ban, he instead chose to keep it to himself an engage his youtube crowd as if nothing ever happened.

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In a letter sent by a representative to the media, it was made perfectly clear that Dr. Disrespect’s current project with Youtube isn’t part of any kind of formal deal for exclusivity, and that the streamer will leave all doors open at other similar services for the time being, which would likely include his own channel ChampionsClug.gg and Facebook’s gaming stream channels.

“Let the Legal Professionals Do What They Need to Do, That’s It”

Dr. Disrespect appears to have taken the legal path to his recent Twitch mishap, which is probably why he’s so adamant about refusing to give his version on the circumstances surrounding the ban; in all likeness, making any such comments might harm his chances at obtaining a good deal in the end, and we’re not going to go all Karen on his arse. We’re just really happy he’s back.

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