Dr. Disrespect’s Ban From Twitch

In a weird flex for a crazy AF week, mega-Twitch streamer Guy ‘Dr. Disrespect’ Beahm was banned for… well, we don’t actually know yet. And pretty much NOBODY does, except the streaming giant.

The statement by Twitch was so meatless, there must definitely be some bullshit stashed around somewhere: lame. Esports journalist Rod Breslau tweeted he knew the real reason but it is not something he wants to share; he just let us know it’s not DMCA-related. Thanks a lot, bro.


Dr. Disrespect himself felt the need to speak up on a tweet, but really didn’t clarify much either. Could it be that he DOES know? Or is it that Twitch doesn’t share very sensitive information regarding a permanent ban…

Either way, it seems that the ban was for good, which is weird especially after Dr. D re-signed a contract worth a lot with Twitch around last March. Twitch hasn’t confirmed the permanent ban yet, but they have issued refunds to Dr. D’s “Champions Club” subscribers. Geez…

The last time we saw the good Dr. was when he got a message on his phone, his face went pale, and then he disappeared from the streaming platform.

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