The rumors came true!

A New York Law Firm announced today the filing of a class action lawsuit against Sony Corporation of America. 

The legal action, entered by Chimicles Schwarts Kriner & Donaldson-Smith LLP, claims that Sony failed to inform the general public about a “drifting” problem with the PS5’s DualShock controllers

The above attorney’s firm gained special renown in recent times, when they filed a suit against Nintendo of America due to similar issues with the Switch’ Joy-Con, resulting in Nintendo openly apologizing for the mishap. – I would start apologizing, if I were Sony… just saying!

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“Drifting” Problems with PS5’s DualShock Controller Precipitate New Lawsuit

Only 48 hours following the announcement of an investigation into the drifting problem, which included an online questionnaire that allowed PS5 users to report any problems with said controls, ScreenRant.com reported today that New York’s Chimicles Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith law will be filing a new class-action lawsuit on behalf of several PS5 users, including one certain player named Lmarc Turner, against Sony Corporation of America Inc and Sony Interactive Entertainment. 

The legal firm, which had gotten engaged in a similar action vs Nintendo of America back in 2020, claims that Sony “failed to disclose material information” about a defect with the PS5’s DualShock controller, causing the joysticks to malfunction, and resulting in “characters or gameplay moving on the screen without user command or manual operation,” aka drifting

The suit also included the report of one player’s bad experience with the device: After first purchasing the console, one player reported being unable to make the controller work at all, for the eternity of ten long days (which in gamer time is like a Decade), ever after trying every possible and conceivable solution. As per our sources, it is unclear whether the poor fellow managed to make it work in the end, or if he was ultimately forced to purchase a whole new one. 

We hope he makes a TON of money with his suit… Truly!

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