-The listed channels include Twitch, YouTube, Twitter and Steam, among others. 

-The online event is set to begin for general audiences this coming June 7th. 

Fine, it won’t be a LIVE event, but we will have one in the end!

You guys might remember a recent article about the many troubles that the popular E3 show had endured because of the arrival of the abominable COVID-19 pandemic last year, that led to the cancellation of the classic gaming expo event, to the chagrin of gamers and media pundits alike. 

In any case, and after lots of planning and lobbying with all the interested parties, the Entertainment Software Association, the entity in charge of the massive gaming expo, finally released today the complete list of contracted media partners to be part of the official 2021 broadcast, featuring many of the major online streaming channels from around the world.  

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Twitch, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok and Reddit among the listed broadcasters for E3 2021

So, the details shown at the official E3 website shed some clear light as to what partners would be joining the E3 festival on its 2021 edition. 

The list, according to ESA’s CEO Stanley Pierre-Louis, is composed of a mixture of social media and strictly-video partners, and while not all channels will feature all the same contents, you should be able to watch the main event starting this June 7th via Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Gaming, Steam, Twitter, TikTok, VENN, Reddit, WEBEDIA, Entertainment Weekly, WeChat, AfreecaTV and Bilibili

Pierre-Louis had the following to say in regards to the chosen broadcast partners: “Working with these leading companies ensures that this year’s all-digital E3 experience will reach audiences around the world… This will be the first time ever that E3 will be freely available across all of these major services, allowing us to reach video game fans from all corners of the globe.”

Media people will get an even closer look at the new gaming stock coming out, thanks to a special exclusive “media access” week that will take place a few days in advance to the top show, on June 7th and on, to be more precise. 

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