Can’t say enough about coronavirus taking a dump on life as we knew it, and the fact that the shit just keeps on coming. But, hey! We got you covered!

eFCKNsports, with its irreverent team for creating esports content you ACTUALLY want to read, has recently teamed up with LevelUp.bet, a sure-fire esports betting site that REALLY makes betting on your fave teams sizzle, in a strategic bro-hug to make our lives less miserable while this pandemic blows over.


Grab your online seat, and join us for irreverent coverage of esports, live streaming of your faves, and snazzed-up online betting while live-watching, for an experience you won’t be able to give up once this coronashit is over!

Sure, you might be thinking we’re writing up all this crap because we’re getting paid, and that`s TRUE lol. But hey, we stopped by LevelUp for a bit and we must admit all they have for gamer betting is cool AF.

You get:

A whole lotta perks and betting options for living the Esports dream! LevelUp is a site dedicated TO Esports, FOR gamers, BY gamers, so cut the laziness and be a part of it. Just visit efcknsports.com and LevelUp.bet and forget about missing out! Shit just got real!

*LevelUp.bet is an online action platform for esports fans of all gaming tests and budgets. eFCKNsports will not be held responsible the contents or comments as expressed at LevelUp.bet website.