• Thumby’s thumb-sized Game Boy kickstarter smashed its goal in less than one day
  • A keychain that is way overrated
  • Is this kickstarter new? Meet PocketSprite

Hear ye, hear ye, Thumby is launching a kickstarter involving a thumb-sized Game Boy Project, which sounds new and cool and stuff, but… let’s see some facts first.

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It seems a company named Thumby came up with the brilliant (?) idea to fabricate a tiny Game Boy-like console; its Kickstarter goal was smashed the same day of the launch. So far, so good…

First, the pros: it apparently was a hit because it reached the Kickstarter goal on the same day;  it’s a fully functional device with an OLED display, and it appears innovative to gamers, with its simplistic design and all. It seems the miniature Game Boy wannabe retro-gaming system is going to be a huge hit. But (and I cannot stress this enough) let’s check some thoughts.


First of all, the obvious: it’s meant to be used as a keychain. Who on earth would want to fit that on a keychain? Have you seen the beating keychains take? Hell, for whatever reason, that is a delicate piece of technology you wouldn’t want kissing the floor every so often. But, hell, it’s your money. Whatever.

Secondly, the miniature gaming machine is fully-functional, with an OLED display, along with a four-way D-pad and gameplay buttons, etc. It comes preloaded with retro-inspired games. This means it is a full-fledged, bite-sized console that really works… until you get your huge, fat, awkward thumbs on the buttons. Then, the fantasy withers and dies. 


Crowdfunding platform Kickstarter is known for helping out a myriad of projects, especially gaming ideas, to be made possible. But it apparently has not acknowledged a very interesting fact: some 3 years ago, there was another Game Boy-wannabe launched into the marketplace, and it had already become a big success. Meet the PocketSprite.

Wanna know what the Pocketsprite is? Just take the description for the Thumby thingy above and you got it! So, what’s the big news about yet ANOTHER Game Boy wannabe three years later? Beats me. And all the knowledgeable gamers who have had an actual interest in these bite-sized imitations probably have one already, so Kickstarter might be in for a big surprise…


Condensing the thoughts on this overhyped keychain, it’s a collectors’ piece, it’s a triumph of current technology, and it’s impressive in action. BUT (and there are several huge BUTS here) you will be disappointed if you want to play games on this console especially if you have impaired vision or larger hands or try to play Pókemon or any RPG games (with their texts and little buttons and stuff,) it’s actually not good for anything else except as a conversation starter or collectors’ piece or as a water-cooler moments generator, and you can’t wield it around like a regular keychain because of the fragile technology inside. IMHO, it’s too tiny for its own good. PLUS, there’s already a 3-year-old ORIGINAL doing the rounds (who’s the clone now?) 

Don’t believe me? Ask one of the owners of EFCKNSPORTS (this site, if you’re that clueless, lol.) He had a PocketSprite, and got fed up with it (you might have guessed he’s not that much of a collector or a conversationalist, or into water-cooler chats) and sold it. 

If anything, it’s cute af.

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