• Legend of Zelda is the second entry by Nintendo Game & Watch.
  • Three games are included in the Zelda Game & Watch
  • Inclusion offers Japanese versions

Game & Watch, a collectible by Nintendo, is now offering a second entry after last year’s Super Mario Bros. Guess what it had to be? Yup, Legend of Zelda. Duh.

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Nintendo has added a second and new modern Game & Watch system after last year’s Super Mario Bros. addition (which, in many people’s opinion, was the bee’s knees) and it sounds like Melda. Okay, okay: Legend of Zelda. Plus, it seems folks have liked the Zelda inclusion even more, since –apparently– the games are way better than the Super Mario stuff they had put in.

Super Mario Bros.’ addition included two games: the original Super Mario Bros. and the Japanese-only Super Mario Bros. 2. This last game is known in the USA as the The Lost Levels, by the way. Now, the Zelda Game & Watch included THREE games: Legend of Zelda and Legend of Zelda II for the NES, plus Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening for Game Boy. For the first two, you can play the English and Japanese versions, and Link’s Awakening is playable in English, French, German, and Japanese. Sweet…


Whaddup with the Japanese versions of Zelda and Zelda II? Well, they are pretty different from the ones we use in the US. Soundtrack differences, for one. Japan had released using the Famicom Disk System, which gives you clearer, spic-n-span synth sounds: Link’s sword, for example. Plus, the Japanese version of Legend of Zelda II has sounds that are way different, plus other fun stuff in visuals.  


For those in the know about G&W, the tiny screen it had last year has popped up again this time around. Great colors, crisp and clean, which tend to wash out a tad depending on your viewing angles (they apparently wash out if moved a minimum of 10 degrees) but hey, let’s stop nitpickin’. Just hold it dead-on and deal with it.

It has very loud speakers for such a tiny contraption, but the sound does not sound horrible, like cheap Chinese toys. Ok, it’s not hi-fi but totally palatable. So there.

There’s also a triforces timer that lets you set the time in increments of one to ten minutes. When Link is having it out with enemies from Zelda II, the timer goes off and the triforces that make up the timer numbers flow into his uplifted hands. Beautiful, man. But, if you want, you can battle the enemies yourself by hitting any of the face buttons at this point. This means Nintendo sorta made countdown timers part of the game. Oh, and there’s also a Zelda LCD whack-a-vermin, and a light-up Triforce on the back.

Damn, these guys are cool af…

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