The gaming retail giant not only shut down 300+ stores this past year, but plans on closing way more than that this 2020.

The company’s crappy financial situation is the one making GameStop struggle and fall since the past year. These closures have apparently nothing to do with the corona-v outbreak, just plain out-of-control finances. Hell, the pandemic has even increased its sales 2%, so yeah, crappy finances seem legit. They’ve been having losses for years now. Esports Betting, for gamers by gamers.

But people have not been reacting well to the company’s madness during the COVID-19 outbreak; it has been criticized for being irresponsible, and had to face hardcore public scrutiny for its recent business practices during the pandemic. The company’s original stance was to keep all the stores open, telling employees to tell any local authority prancing in and demanding a reason for disobeying the “government lockdown” orders, that they were considered an “essential” business. Holy crap.

Other reasons criticism struck up was that they allegedly weren’t providing cleaning supplies to their employees, and they had to purchase it themselves. Really? Stingy too?

Following that backlash from the public and their own employees, GameStop decided to close all the stores across the U.S. in March, leaving open digital sales and curbside pickup only. Insert here “Hello darkness, my old friend” song. lol

The company that operates 5,500 stores in the U.S. with subsidiaries in places like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe, had just announced a few weeks ago, that former Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aimé had joined its board of directors, for a shot at profitability and restoring their good name. Fils-Aimé’s appointment is due to start this April 20. Good luck with that, bro!

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