-IGN released yesterday their review of the upcoming Zack Snyder’s Cut of Justice League.

-IGN’s critics have awarded the film with an impressive 8 score.

-Though not ‘Certified Fresh’, Zack Snyder’s Cut garners a 75% Tomatometer score.

The ‘snowflakes’ of the entertainment media are not having the best of days today.

And how could they? Since both IGN and RottenTomatoes – two gaming/entertainment companies well known for sh*tting on the fans on a daily basis -, just stamped their seals of approval on the soon-coming release of Zack Snyder’scutof Justice League.

The newly-edited/director’s cut of the original 2017 film had been the subject to tons of undeserved speculation, and of ‘hate’ also, by the majority of the Hollywood-esque media, who strongly disapproved of the “power of the fans” as applied to the decision-making process of movie executives and creatives.  – Sucks when they don’t get to make the call, right?

Sadly for them, the new 4-hour-long edit by Snyder has won the hearts of most of those who’ve had the opportunity to watch the film already, ahead of those millions of fans who’ll need rest in their seats until the official premier day, set for March 18th, when it hits the waves of the HBO Max streaming service.

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At some point of yesterday’s afternoon, the folks at posted their written/video review online for the upcoming edit of 2017’s Justice League by its original creator Zack Snyder, and it wasn’t a ‘bad’ one, not by far!

Throughout their review, the gaming experts at IGN talked about some important additions to the now 4-hour-long film, that included more character-specific footage for each of the superheroes, retouches to the original movie’s CGI, and some other ‘stuff’ that they didn’t deem as necessary nor necessarily bothersome. In the end, IGN awarded Zack Snyder’s cut with a score of 8, which in their particular grading lingo translates to a ‘Great!’

Meanwhile, the conglomerate of ‘phony’ critics/media sycophants that conforms the online movie rating database better known as, got on the exact same ‘approving’ wagon and gave the Snyder Cut a 75% Tomatometer score, which equals to a “Good” grade, all based on the ‘consensus’ built up by combining all the existing reviews thus far.

At the point of our research, and while the film remains unreleased for general audiences, RottenTomatoes has received only 106 reviews by ‘top’ and regular critics.

The views of the RT critics were mostly positive, as that of UK’s Daily Telegraph’s writer Robbie Collie:

In a genre increasingly hidebound by formula, it stands as a monument to exceptionalism that itself feels exceptional

Others just worded the exact same criticism that had flooded the web in months past, as exemplified by Time Out’s movie pundit Philip De Semlyen:

It’s all a bit #ReleaseTheDeletedScenes.”

Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League premieres on HBO Max this Thursday, March 18th, and it features the performances of Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Ben Affleck, Ezra Miller and Jared Leto as the Joker… if only for a few minutes.

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