Or the lack, thereof!

EA Sports’ beloved NCAAF-inspired sports title will have its comeback, after nearly 8 years of an interminable hiatus caused by differences between the game developer, and the top college football association in the United States.

The official announcement was made by EA Sports vice president Daryl Holt, while in conversation with ESPN this past Tuesday. Holt hinted at many ideas for the game during the broadcast, however, nothing too specific was actually said in regards to the game’s format and look, nor was it addressed how exactly EA would work around the issue of fair use rules when it comes to the NCAA brand and its athletes.

Now, it is precisely THAT split in opinions between the NCAA and EA Sports, in regards to the use of the likeness of easily-recognizable college football stars, that brought about the untimely end of the title’s Madden-like future, back in ole’ 2013. DAMN! It’s been a long while indeed.

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A College Football Gaming Reboot!

The news had been long-time coming, to say the least, but the reality is that the same legal burdens that still today impede college players from engaging in profit-making by means of their image, in any way whatsoever, has made it really difficult for both parties to be able to work together at all throughout the last few years.

Back in 2013, after college basketball player Ed O’Bannon sued the game developers over the alleged misuse of the image of well-known NCAA sports stars in their games, EA Sports chose to “amicably” end their production of related sports video games, and it had stayed that way until today.

In truth, there hasn’t been any real change in the application of the rules imposed by the NCAA upon its athletes since then, so EA will be likely forced to circumvent the legal hurdles by alternative means, namely, by avoiding using the likeness of any actual player (just to prevent the whole Ed O’Bannon problem happening ALL OVER AGAIN.)

All the same, rumor has it EA Sports will still be using team names and other well-established NCAA branding content in their game. 

What do we ACTUALLY know about the game?

Well, the answer is pretty brief, to be perfectly honest: not much. What we DO know is that the game will probably be called EA Sports College Football, and it will make use of all the technical wonders offered by next-gen consoles.

Also, the game will assume a more “immersive” quality to itself, as stated by the Big EA Suit, Mr. Holt himself: “The game will be a deep immersive experience, that has the true wide-open game play for college athletes…”   Whatever THAT means!

Our Take On This? – All good and dandy, as far as eFCKNsports’ crew is concerned, that is, as long as: 1-EA doesn’t get into legal trouble again, and 2, They don’t start adding in-game purchases unnecessarily, because, after all, it’s EA Sports we’re talking about here people…. –Not quite the Saints these guys!

There’s no defined date yet for the game release either. Bummer 🙁

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