It’s leaky time again, and many social media have been reportedly flooded with videos of The Last of Us Part 2 , such as Twitter, YouTube and other major social media, with the original source being a YouTube channel. The videos are apparently from a development build, according to Reddit. As you recall, The Last of Us Part II had been delayed indefinitely due to the coronavirus scare. Isn’t that Special!

The leaked videos include the majority of the cut scenes, unfinished multiplayer code, menus with chapter selections, plus the whole ending. Summaries of the plot have been posted by some game sites, so be aware of spoilers.


The Culprit

It seems the leak may have come from a disgruntled, unpaid worker at Naughty Dog, very probably a QA tester. With all the work-from-home impositions, dudes can certainly record a video of their work and smiff Naughty Dog HQ as they please. VIOLATION SECURITY ALERT! O.o

Sony made the move to smite the source of the evil, the abovementioned YouTube channel, but you know how it is. Once it’s out, it never goes back. Copies have been made, clips and videos have been posted. It’s chaos right about now. All you can do is to add tags to your muted list on Twitter, since many of the spoilers are there, until the new official release date for The Last of Us Part 2, June 19th.

Hold out until then!

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