-New online rumors have it that Disney could be in talks with Gina Carano, aiming to her possible return to ‘The Mandalorian’. 

-Some fans appear to be upset about the new poster released for the May 4th celebrations, which fails to portray any important characters from the last sequels. 

May the 4th be with you… ALWAYS!

Is the wish of everyone at eFCKNsports in this beautiful, universally celebrated Star Wars’ day.

As is our tradition, we’ve dedicated a special article for this purpose, in which we will share with you some of the HOTTEST Star Wars rumours currently making their way through the online media. 

This time around, we have some juicy stuff about supposed new talks between the Evil Galactic Empire (aka Lucasfilm), and recently ousted Mandalorian star Gina Carano, all allegedly taking place in the hopes of bringing her back to the fan-beloved Mandalorian show. 

We’ve also got another interesting story relating to “some” fans complaining about the new May 4th poster -released only last weekend-, for not being “inclusive” enough.

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Is Gina Carano going back to ‘The Mandalorian’?


Possibly?  Maybe? 

So says YouTube’s supervillain, Mr. Victor VanDoomcock, aka “The Future Ruler of Earth” and Star Wars/Pop culture aficionado. According to his very recent video installment, some strong rumors have hit his ears pertaining supposed talks between the a**holes at Disney and Gina Carano, in the hopes of bringing her back to ‘The Mandalorian’ show.

As stated by Overlord DVD, via his official YouTube channel this very morning, Jon Favreau could be the very person behind the bold move:  “According to my sources, all of this springs from the fact that Jon Favreau himself has put his neck on the line, and has been using his influence behind the scenes to make things right again… With the ‘Kennedy Camp’ gunning for Gina, and the subsequent confusion on Disney’s part believing what Kennedy’s Camp was putting out there in the media, Jon Favreau has been playing a game of 4D chess with the help of concerned investors to prove that Gina equals fans, equals money.”

A “Kennedy Camp”? What the hell is that?

Just in case you’ve been spending the pandemic living under a rock (without a WIFI connection to hook into), Kathleen Kennedy is the very person – aka LucasFilm’s top honcho – who’s been behind the creative mistakes that brought about the troubled series of Episodes 7, 8 and 9. More than that, Kennedy is blamed for the massive split in the fandom that occurred soon after the release of Episode 8: The Last Jedi, which was heavily panned by the older, die-hard fans for its odd story arcs and the disrespect shown to the legacy of Luke Skywalker’s character. 

Kennedy has also been blamed for the recent firing of Gina Carano from ‘The Mandalorian’ Disney Plus show, following a Twitter post by the former UFC star decrying the polarization of today’s American political life. Carano was shown the boot without much of an explanation, angering tons of assiduous viewers, who quickly moved to boycott Star Wars shows, merchandise, comic books, and other media, ultimately spilling over the Disney Plus service itself, which allegedly lost many subscribers after Carano’s exit.  

We bet the investors weren’t happy AT ALL!

With Favreau currently working very hard on the new universe of connected Star Wars-themed shows, defined by VanDoomcock as a “big sprawling tale of galactic intrigue across a number of different series,” it makes perfect sense that the Hollywood producer would be looking to bring back Carano to the strongest SW-themed product thus far. Cara Dunne’s character is, after all, supposedly pivotal to Favreau’s complexly-wedged new Star Wars universe, and removing her from it -apart from annoying the fans- might end up hurting the story’s narrative overall, and the investors pockets on the side.  Ouch!

New ‘May-the-4th’ poster is making some fans cry… Oh Boy!

Lastly, LucasFilm’s recently released, May the 4th-commemorative poster has been angering “some” fans – so says, because Rei and the rest of the cast from the last sequel movies are nowhere to be seen.

We’re not sure what fans they’re talking about, but we’re guessing it’s those very same people who squealed on Twitter demanding that Carano be fired because of her non-conformist views.

Boohoo! 🙁

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