-Activision will host a special cosplay fashion show called Mei Gala on May 13.

-Fans can tune in to the show starting 4 pm PT, via the official OWL YouTube channel. 

It isn’t always just about esports, there’s also fashion… you know?

And there’s no cooler way to bring fashion into esports than through the amazing work of cosplay experts from the league itself. 

Starting by 4 pm PT (approx 7 pm ET, for those NOT living in California), look up the official Overwatch League channel on YouTube, and prepare to enjoy some of the finest expressions in cosplay fashion, provided by top figures from the overall Overwatch community. 

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Dress to Impress!

What is this ‘Mei Gala’ all about?

The Activision-backed event is an unusual thing all by itself. Stumbling upon cosplay fashion shows of this grandeur isn’t something that we get to see very often, and that is precisely why we thought it important to spread the news a little with our readers. 

So, the folks behind Overwatch have set up a special red-carpet type event, featuring a panel of cosplay experts to play as judges, and to provide their opinions about the many amazing cosplay presentations put on by the fans. 

-From Twitter, by Overwatch League (@OverwatchLeague)

Dress to Impress

We are excited to announce the Mei Gala, a virtual cosplay fashion show airing May 13th, at 4 pm PT.

More info here – blizz.ly/MeiGala

And the Host?

It’ll be a hostess, this time, and it will be none other than Overwatch celebrity Soe Gschwind.

She will join the aforementioned group of Overwatch fashion critics, and issue their votes on the different cosplay outfits presented by the contestants. So, kinda like ‘Project Runway’ but with cosplay hero outfits instead.

Via Twitter (@Soembie)

Super excited to host the Mei Gala on May 13th. We are blessed with so many talented & creative individuals in our community and I’m just so thrilled we get to showcase some of their work in this show.

Who are some of your favorite cosplayers and why?”

Soe’s question is a valid one indeed, so feel free to join eFCKNsports via social media, to share your own thoughts on the upcoming Mei gala, and to receive instant updates on the hottest esports betting odds. See Ya!