Players on PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PC, and Google Stadia have all been let down by the new Mortal Kombat 11 DLC update, namely regarding the character Ash Williams.   Gaming Tip! Take a look at all the esports betting odds available daily at gaming hub Sign up today and claim your 100% Welcome Bonus with your first deposit of $100 USD or more.

MK11 DLC Update Disappoints Players

With all the DLC characters having been leaked ahead of time (using the game’s files), and with every single one of them having been teased accurately, it seems strange that just one has been singled out as leaked but not added. – It was one of the first characters leaked, by the way, namely Ash Williams, and it still hasn’t been able to join in the fight. As it were, NetherRealm Studios and WB Games never announced it, but because the character was leaked, it had everyone speculating on why he was being given the shoe.  Was the Evil Dead character being let into the game or not? Well, WB Games and NetherRealm Studios were not about to spill the beans, but a game producer involved in the makings named Shao Jahn was. When asked by a fan about Ash, and he basically said nay by linking to a video from a Mortal Kombat Youtuber called Dynasty, in which Ash William’s actor Bruce Campbell apparently reveals all. The video blurted that the character has been bogged in some kind of legal crap, meaning that, since characters are owned by companies, sometimes the companies aren’t allowed to loan these characters between franchises because other crybaby companies won’t let them unless they make a deal. Dig? If it gets too weird, shit won’t happen. So it’s this a no? We can’t be totally sure, but it sure as hell seems like a “not yet”. For starters, early this month it still seemed like legal crap was being pushed more and more into the bargain, and that it was stalemating the process, so there you go. Never miss a single esports moment with eFCKNsports’ crazy blog. Who Knows! You might learn a thing or two about esports betting. See Ya!