There’s a mode a-comin’ and it ain’t pretty… at least not to Twitter user Cameron Mertz. He got access to an extended version of Madden 21 and exposed a mode that might be coming to this year’s game, which is called ‘The Yard’.

It’s apparently an addition with a 6-on-6 feature for fans to compete against friends with backyard rules (this is based on screenshots), which sounds pretty much like NFL Street. Bryan ‘Pasta Padre’ Wiedey, has his own opinion on this inclusion for the mode: he believes ‘The Yard’ looks very much like an attempt made by the EA to circumvent the value of the upcoming, non-simulation NFL product of 2K. “So we’ve got a leak of a new mode in Madden NFL 21 that would seem added at least in part to undercut the future (likely) arcade-style NFL game from 2K Sports,” he tweeted.


The Madden 21 game has been pretty neglected, which is why the addition of this new mode might not go the way it’s planned, especially with fans of more traditional football. It will probably be like “standing on the nerve of the hardcore franchise mode fan” to say the least. Just picture a lot of neat stuff pushed back so that EA can pull a fast one over 2K’s football vehicle using The Yard…

Well, we’ll get to see what happens with and to The Yard on the August 25th Madden 21 release. Let’s just hope there’s no angry mobs.

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