-New remake of the classic ‘Mortal Kombat’ theme hit YouTube on Friday. 

-The latest iteration of the original MK film will be released in theaters and on HBO max on April 23rd.  

-New character ‘Cole Young’ will replace Johnny Cage, baffling old-time fans of the gaming franchise. 

Flawless Victory!

Or so they claim at NetherRealm Studios, the WB, New Line Cinema, and at nearly every other media outlet, about the “appeal” of the newer version of the classic “Techno Syndrome” theme for Mortal Kombat, rehashed by Benjamin Wallfisch. 

The new track, released this past Friday via YouTube, is the first “sneak peek” of the new remake’s soundtrack, which will feature works by other prominent DJs in the electronic music scene, and is planned for release on April 16. 

Is it as good as ‘they’ all claim it to be?  It depends whom you ask; while the track fits with the style of many popular artists in the current electronica arena, some “boomer” MK fans have already remarked that it is a distant “cry” from the original super-pumped theme by the Immortals. 

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You Weak, Pathetic Fool!

That’s precisely what some old-time MK fans are thinking about the newest “iteration” of the old techno dance classic belonging to the original MK movie’s soundtrack, from back in 1995.

The first track of the upcoming Mortal Kombat soundtrack -titled Techno Syndrome 2021 – hits the shelves of online distributors -officially- on April 16th, and the movie for which it was created is expected to open, both in theaters and on streaming form (via HBO Max) on the 23rd. 

While some viewers remarked the “dated” dubstep quality of the track, as expressed by one user who said “This is the most 2010 1990’s song I’ve ever heard,” others pointed out that, regardless of its good or bad quality, newer fans to the classic fighting franchise, will probably link this new version of the classic theme to the Mortal Kombat universe from now on: “This is what the New Generation of Mortal Kombat Movie Fans song are about to grow on.”

Others were even harsher about Benjamin Wallfisch’s new version, stating that “this track can’t measure up to the awesomeness of the original techno classic. Too much excess of Dubsteb sounds.” All the same, the track received praise by other more approving fans, who were as pleased with the audio as with the visual presentation of the YouTube vid, saying: “I don’t know what’s better: the song or this visualizing.”

By the moment we ended writing our article, the tune had gained a total of 14 thousand up votes, and only 11 hundred down votes. 

Where is Johnny Cage?

Also causing some controversy, is the decision made by the writers and producers to replace the iconic character of Johnny Cage, for half-Asian, totally new fighter ‘Cole Young.’ 

The change, it seems, responds to a necessity to create a new “gateway” into the story, thus allowing new-comers to become better familiarized with its lore and mythology,  according to the new film’s development team, which could not have been achieved by making use of only the old well-known characters.

Sounds like BS to us… And just another excuse to get rid of “white” men, and please Chinese audience goers on the side… but WHATEVER!

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