After the embarrassing GeForce RTX 3080 launch situation from some days ago,  in which bot purchases flooded servers within seconds of release, NVIDIA now chooses to apologize “in advance” for any limited-supply complications that could arise from the launch of the even more-recent RTX 3090 model. 

We’re Sorry, We Know it Sucks!

American software company Nvidia, creator of the popular and highly-acclaimed GeForce graph card series, made a statement via their online blog a while back: “Since we built GeForce RTX 3090 for a unique group of users like the TITAN RTX before it, we want to apologize upfront that this will be in a limited supply on launch day.” 

As part of the same statement, Nvidia said they will continue working with partners in order to prevent supply issues in the weeks to come.

The RTX 3090 just got sold out in less than 15 seconds, beating the mark set by the launch of the RTX 3080 model only a few days ago. According to technology insiders, bots were responsible for the speedy purchasing of all the available supply, leaving regular buyers empty-handed and very upset. The frustrated shoppers soon took on social media –and Twitter in particular– to make the minds known about the “injustices” of online purchasing systems.



Ultimately, it all came down to a Bot vs Bot battle!

Buyers soon understood that trying to defeat the “scalpers” with a set of good intentions and a good clicking finger wouldn’t do the job credibly, that MORE was needed. Thus, the average-Joe turned to bots to GET the advantage: 

It appears that, by making use of specific “bot” programs, potential buyers could finally get one step ahead of their AI competition: by employing similar technology to the one used by the scalpers to get a foot-in early online sales, regular players could finally get a shot at purchasing their desired item ahead of the automated competition. Smart… Ain’t it?

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