PC Gaming Show 2020


It’s the PC Gaming Show this weekend, which is PC Gamer’s annual presentation of titles especially made for the PC platform; the show will be featuring more than 50 games on its new June 13th date, after it was canceled. The originally-scheduled date was last Saturday, but it was re-scheduled for this upcoming Saturday, when the show will go live.

There is a new list of developers and publishers, some fun and some not, who will be participating, according to Twinfinite. It’s a pretty long list and it includes a sizeable number of the top-dog talent that has to do with some of the top-notch, popular PC games, such as Battlestate Games, developer of Escape from Tarkov. Other over-the-top developer participants include Amazon Games, Humble Games, 2K Games, SEGA, Tripwire Interactive, Perfect World, plus many more of the good stuff. Remember, all this can be streamed via LevelUp.bet!


The PC Gaming Show is programmed to initiate June 13th at 12 p.m. CT on the PC Gamer Twitch channel. Here’s a flaming list of who will be presenting new stuff, and it’s a lot! Dig into it!

  • 2K Games
  • Amazon Games
  • Atlus
  • Battlestate Games
  • Bossa Studios
  • Brace Yourself Games
  • Coffee Stain Studios
  • Funcom
  • FJRD
  • Frontier Developments
  • Glumberland
  • Humble Games
  • New Blood Interactive
  • Merge Games
  • Modus Games
  • Mythical
  • Perfect World
  • The Wandering Band
  • Rebellion
  • Red Sails Team
  • Rocketwerkz
  • ROCKFISH Games
  • SEGA
  • Tripwire Interactive
  • WolfEye Studios
  • XSEED Games
  • Yaza Games

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