Something isn’t quite right about Wonder Woman 1984, and it seems film critics are finally coming to realize that fact en mass

MAJOR SPOILER ALERT! The second episode of Patty Jenkins’ rendition of DC’s Amazon princess Wonder Woman isn’t quite the success story of the original movie. Growingly pestered by unsatisfactory reviews in the online media, and on classic movie rating site RottenTomatoes.com (with a current 60% Tomato-meter score, and quickly dropping), from the latest adaptation to the big screen of the Wonder Woman character may ultimately cause more harm than good to its well-respected female director.

Will Jenkins be able to overcome the growing tide of dislike for her DC Hero movie, and be given the A-ok from Disney executives to direct her new series Star Wars: Rogue Squadron series? 

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Wonder Woman 1984 a Critical Failure?

Jenkins, who first earned recognition after authoring 2003’s masterpiece Monster, gained greater success and praise following her directorial delivery of Zack Snyder’s Wonder Woman screenplay back in 2017. However, the latest episode in Diana Prince’s movie franchise has left both audiences and critics confused, with many “haters” calling it already the newest Superman 3. Now THAT’s an Insult!

The comparisons with the Man of Steel’s third movie adaptation from back in the late 80s appear, in some level, to be motivated by Jenkins herself, who has openly praised Richard Donner’s original idea of a campy, good-natured Superman story, portrayed to perfection by long-gone and beloved Christopher Reeve. Unfortunately, it appears Jenkins may have gone a little overboard with the light-hearted approach, and a growing number of top critics for flick-termometer Rottentomatoes.com are not so sure anymore they love the movie, at all. 

Popular youtuber Chris Stuckman, also one of RottenTomatoes’ top critics, was definitely confused by the film: “It just feels so over the top, hammy and unearned. It doesn’t feel lovingly happy, it feels accidentally cheesy.”

Among Wonder Woman 1984’s many screenplay flaws, reviewers have pointed out an apparent disconnection between the Wonder Woman we had seen in previous DC-approved iterations, and this new version. Others have taken a lot of issue with the very strange treatment given to the returning character of Diana’s love interest from WWI, Steve Trevor. 

#METOO Movement for Steve Trevor

Trevor’s character suffered a dignified death at the end of the original Wonder Woman film, but, even though nearly 80 years have passed by since then, it appears Diana can’t get over the guy and wishes him back into existence. How, you may ask? Well, by means of a “wishing rock”, no less, and by possessing another man’s body who just happens to look like Steve in Diana’s eyes. 

What’s even worse, according to moral puritans who’ve already seen the movie, is that Wonder Woman even takes sexual advantage of this unknowing Trevor doppelganger’s body. YIKES! Spicy aint it? Where do I sign up? 😉

Apart from Wonder Woman’s apparent mid-life crisis, other reviewers are finding the depiction of the world’s favorite female superhero as “unworthy” of good gender representation. Alicja Johnson, who writes for Mediaversity Reviews said that “meaningful representation consists of more than simply casting women and people of color.” – And we entirely agree with her. 

While the Jenkins critics keep piling up in the days following the digital/theater release of WW84, entertainment pundits are beginning to wonder if Disney will continue to back her to direct the new Star War TV series titled Rogue Squadron, which bears NO RELATION with the awesome Rogue Squadron PC-game series from the mid-90s… Just wanted to make that clear for the fans. Sniff!

No statement has yet been issued by Disney or Lucasfilm into that particular regard. 

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