-The classic gaming/tech PC magazine put out a report yesterday about the latest news on the upcoming Switch portable console.

-The alleged changes include a likely new chipset, 4k visuals, somewhat improved Joy-Cons, among others. 

Some good stuff ahead for the new Switch Pro, or so say the online rumours.

An article posted on Monday to the ages-old PC magazine shed some valuable light on some perky new details – all rumoured, take it with a grain of salt –  about the next iteration of the popular Nintendo Switch mobile console. 

The online gossip has it that, since Nvidia is planning on withdrawing their Tegra X1 chip (still contained in the classic/old form of the original Switch machine), Nintendo will be turning to a more powerful chipset, one that should be able to render 4k graphics, a ‘first’ in portable gaming devices. 

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Latest Nintendo Switch ‘Pro’ News

Let’s start from the very beginning:

To start, Will Greenwild, who writes for PC Magazine Online, says that the new name for the portable console is not a “given”, at least not yet, but the rumors in the gaming news scene have it that it will possibly be something resembling Switch ‘Pro’, or even Super Nintendo Switch, much like their ancient tradition of Super-ing the newest improvement to the older Nintendo hardware. 

In terms of How much of a “jump” is this new Switch going to be, when compared with the older one, the simplest possible answer would be: It depends on what you’re looking at.

Though the next Switch is expected to be an improvement in standards over its predecessor -as every new console ought to be -, it won’t necessarily put out 4k visuals by default on every game, as heating problems in consoles of such small size – plus the obvious lack of bigger room within it –  would make it nearly impossible to fit in more processing hardware to accommodate for super-high quality graphics. 

Just to make it perfectly clear, the new Nintendo Switch won’t be competing with the also-new PS5 or the Xbox Series for “raw power”, instead, it’ll tweak some existing stuff on the classic Switch, like minor improvements on the Joy-Cons design, possibly with OLED technology included. 

There’s also some stuff in the PC Magazine article about likely cost ranges, with some pundits suspecting Nintendo will aim at keeping costs down, as much as commercially feasible. Expected price is between $350 and $400. 

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