Pokémon Unite Moba Makes No Youtube Friends

The Pokémon Unite reveal trailer did not go as planned. In just a couple of hours, the MOBA hoarded 60,000 dislikes on YouTube, plus a massive opposition on the Pokémon Presents stream. The previous dislike title holder was the Pokémon Sword and Shield’s Treehouse Live gameplay video, in which the textures-on-trees conversation did much to make it infamous.

Amidst comments such as, “That’s what happens when you run your franchise (Pokemon) into the ground and are willing to sell its soul to make a quick buck,” and, “Good. Hopefully it will knock some sense into TPC… (The Pokémon Company),” the negativity flowed like blood in a battlefield. The Pokémon Company loaded up a second version of the trailer because the negativity was so overwhelming… and it got slammed as well.


There’s no denying the franchise’s new MOBA has generated multiple and mixed responses from the community, because even though some of them are ok with giving the spin-off a chance before nailing it to the wall, others are really disappointed there were no Let’s Go! games, or even remakes of Diamond and Pearl. But it started off on the wrong foot. And this is just a first impression. There’s never a second chance to make a good first impression. (Remember you can stream all MOBAs on LevelUp.bet!)

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