Geez. We thought the news would NEVER come! – After a long and exhausting waiting period, Sony finally put together their PS5 Showcase show over Twitch and Youtube yesterday, spilling some very important beans about some key aspects of their next generation console, including release date, price and list of games planned for the PS5 launch, or a little bit thereafter.

The shared YouTube/Twitch broadcast -which was also featured at the official PlayStation website- focused mostly around the imposing new trailers for their PS5 game line-up, with big titles such as Hogwarts Legacy, Spider Man: Miles Morales & Final Fantasy XVI. The launch has been set for November 12, 2020, however, most games announced will not see the light of day until a bit later.

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Probably the most important news of them all: The standard PS5 console will cost a predictable $499, while the digital-based version will come slightly cheaper at $399. Pre-ordering for Sony’s new console was opened the very same day (with tiny tiny differences depending on region), causing something of a crisis for retailers, who had been kept in the dark all along.

You can try pre-ordering your own PS5 online now if you want, however, be warned, PS5 availability might be temporarily curtailed due to excess demand.


Sony’s answer to the retro-compatibility issue was creating a new library of popular PS4 games for PS5 Plus members. This collection includes Monster Hunter World, Persona 5, God of War, Days Gone among some other titles.

Check out below a list of Announced Games with some details and expected release dates:

GameRelease Date
Spider Man: Miles MoralesNov. 12
Demon Souls (Remake)Nov. 12
Hogwarts Legacy (RPG)2021
Final Fantasy XVIUnknown
God of War: Ragnarok?Unknown

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