Have you been paying attention to the world during the last 24 hours?

If you have, then, you probably already know that the shady folks at Wall Street are going into panic mode ever since the stock value of low-rent companies like the failing GameStop and AMC cinema franchises has risen through the roof after regular-folk started purchasing their stock in mad quantities in recent days, leading to HUMONGOUS losses for hedge fund investors… the same ‘pigs’ who have exploited regular people for gain over decades. BOOYAKASHA!

Us, little silly us, you know… that crazy bunch of gamers writing for eFCKNsports, we aren’t economy or finance experts, or anything closely resembling that, so please take our opinion on this with a massive grain of salt, however, we couldn’t possibly let go on the opportunity of letting our readers know about the latest jaw-dropping news stemming from the dark quarters of good ole Wall Street.

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GameStop Shares Soar in the Stock Market

The same traditional Wall Street potentates who regularly make use of hedge fund-type investments to keep their losses at the lowest possible minimum are now literally shedding tears of blood, after Reddit users started buying en-mass stock for the crumbling GameStop gaming retailer and the nearly-bankrupt AMC cinema chain. 

After the GameStop shares peaked at $469.42 value sometime around 10 AM Central this morning, the same RobinHood trading and investment app that initially allowed low-budget consumers to buy the gaming retailer’ stock shares suddenly decided that they would no longer allow any more such ‘stonk’ purchases, thus opening the door for potential class-action complaints by users due their very clear abuse of their own service agreement.

More recently, Reuters news agency reported Wall Street losses have reached an impressive $70 billion dollars, and the number is only expected to increase in the next few hours.

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