A recent report brings news on the next game to be made by Rockstar, in development, and the subject of a buttload of rumors: Grand Theft Auto 6. It’s been a total of seven years since GTA 5 launched on consoles – fck I’m old! – and these latest news and rumors suggest that it could be on its way soon. Or not.

Rockstar’s new project, GTA 6 (or the new entry in the GTA series, as Kotaku likes to call it) has not officially been confirmed by the studio, but then Rockstar has always been very hush-hush about its projects. Either way, it’s easy to connect the dots.


New Crunch Culture Trend

Reports also indicate that the new project will start out as a “moderately sized” release and then have regular updates slapped on. I’m guessing with GTA online a total success, they definitely won’t be in a hurry.

This new trend the studio is testing out, of putting out a moderately-sized version and sticking on updates along the way (of which I’m most definitely not a fan), is generated as one of the changes the company had to make to its workplace culture because of the controversy spiked by the crunch culture of the Red Dead Redemption 2’s release.

Rockstar came under the crosshairs when word got around that some of the developers worked 100-hour+ weeks (I wonder if this is happening somewhere in Asia; those poor folks are overworked, to say the least!) to fit the RDR game in the timeline: during the promotional run for Red Dead Redemption 2​, co-founder for Rockstar Dan Houser happened to mention his team was working “100-hour weeks” to come through, but got some pretty bad backlash, so adjustments for the GTA 6 release to avoid crunches are actually no surprise. Still, a “moderately sized release” in Rockstar guidelines is still probably pretty big.

Changes in Website artwork

Rockstar’s additions to its website artwork are always reason for excited speculation, and this time the new ones have sparked the crowds. The new additions to the site’s menus sure look like they got no business with GTA: an android hugging a champagne bottle with 1998 written on it, which is Rockstar’s founding year, and the second one is a logo with Rockstar slogans smothering it. Since the announcement of Red Dead Redemption 2 was preceded by a change in the Twitter logo, let’s say it’s not off the table yet. Or it is. What the hell…

Dan Houser Officially Leaves Rockstar

Dan Houser, Rockstar writer, producer and voice actor, led the studio to be one of the huge developers in the industry, but now he will officially be leaving the company on March 11, and Sam Houser, his brother, will stay on as president. Whether this will impact the development of GTA 6…well we hope it doesn’t.

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