Super-popular battle royale mobile-game developer PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Corporation recently announced they’re merging with parent entity Krafton Inc, and officially changing their name to PUBG Studio.

Why are these two coming together? And, Why does this matter at all? Continue reading the latest esports news right below, but before we do that, let’s take a look at some important gaming advice from our sponsors:

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PUBG Corporation No More; Welcome PUBG Studio

So, why is Krafton bringing PUBG Corporation back under its wing? Back into the “mothership” as they say? 

According to the official statement, South Korean-based Krafton Inc. will be joining direct efforts alongside their PUBG Corp. underling in order to “accomplish feats never seen before.” It seems that PUBG Studio will continue to look after the organization and hosting of PUBG events, while attempting to expand its reach within the mobile-game community around the world; PUBG has seen TONS of competition pop up during the last few years, such as the rise of Epic Game’s Fortnite franchise, garnering millions of online players every day. 

On top of that, the name of PUBG Corporation likely had a bit of a “nasty” taint to it, that equated it to the often maligned notion of cold, heartless business operator, as opposed to the new moniker of Studio, which evokes creativity, innovation and artistry. Isn’t THAT cute? 

Alongside PUBG’s official title change, Krafton also announced that fellow subdivisions of Delusion Studio Inc and PNIX Inc will also be coming together into a single mobile-game development studio called RisingWings Inc. These two became household names following their successes with mobile titles like Castle Burn, Archery King and Bowling King

PUBG jumped into the gaming scene back in 2016 thanks to its fresh approach to the long-neglected video game genre of battle royale. Since then It has been downloaded millions of times by players from all around the globe via Steam and other popular mobile game stores.   

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