Is Sony’s PS5 going to land the same level of success as its predecessors? Bythe looks of the competition, it looks like it might be headed to its toughest race yet!

Voices from Playstations’ Past

Jack Tretton, former president and CEO of PlayStation Entertainment America, believes Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 5 is going to be facing some badass competition in the next gen, despite being ahead. “I think it’s really very well positioned,” Tretton explained, regarding the advantage PlayStation has moving on to the next generation with its PS5.

Despite the impressiveness of the PS5’s hardware, and the obviously well-established business model sported by Sony, the competition will spare none. According to Tretton, Microsoft will be throwing its weight around, and a new competitor, Stadia, is also in the running.

Microsoft will give more wire to twist and Stadia is the new competitor that didn’t even exist in 2013,” Tretton explained.


Nintendo or Don’t?

It seems that, even though most gamers had already put Nintendo in their gaming-schedule backburner, the classic videogame giant may stumble upon something of a comeback:

Nintendo is much more relevant now, so it will be a much more competitive market, even with new competitors. Everyone has learned important lessons in this generation, it will be very interesting to see what will happen in the next generation, both from the point of view of the developers that of the players, it will be exciting” he said.

Xbox Series X vs PS5

Most rumors and experts’ analyses apparently narrow it down to PS5 versus the Xbox Series X, which slaps you with the age-old question: which one will win? With the lame details we have at this time (we don’t even have the price for either of them yet), all we can compare is specs, which is like comparing some fruit with a blindfold on.

At least we know when to expect both. Come the 2020 holiday season, we’ll know better.

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