May the 4th be with You!

…and if you happen to be a Star Wars fan, odds are you might have heard about the new female-lead, social justice politics-oriented Star Wars TV show, which was strangely outed –never officially announced– on Vanity Fair magazine about a week ago.

Now… What’s the problem with this show? Well, my young padawans, I suggest you sit down for a quick bit cuz this one is a tough one to digest:

According to rumors that first arose in one of Disney’s parks and media outlet sites, recently-retired and now-returned CEO of Disney’s many enterprises, Mr. Bob Iger, as well as his delayed successor, Bob Chapek, are both livid with the way their Star Wars franchise runner Kathleen Kennedy broke the news about a new female-centric, social politics-focused show, under the charge of rising show-runner Leslye Headland.

It appears that Kennedy pulled a sleazy one in leaking the details about Headland’s involvement with the new show a little too early, without first consulting either Iger or Chapek about the new acquisition.


Who is Leslye Headland?

Headland is an American playwright who gained recognition for the critically acclaimed Russian Dolls show, which is part of Netflix repertoire of original series. What is the problem with Headland you might ask? Well, just so happens this very lady used to be the assistant of much-maligned Miramax founder Harvey Weinstein.

While Iger and Chapek seem to be positively pissed off with Kennedy due to Headland’s connection with now-convicted Weinstein, the fandom is a much more complex thing all-together: After the release of The Last Jedi film a couple of years ago, a large portion of long-standing Star Wars fans (including Yours Truly) found themselves deeply upset with Kathleen Kennedy’s overt push for a clearly lined-up PC/gender politics agenda, which manifested strongly in Rian Johnson’s middle addition to the latest Star Wars trilogy, and they haven’t let down on their anger one bit, possibly causing the decreased ticket sales for 2019’s episode IX. And that’s where sh*t hit the fan!

Regardless of Kennedy’s real intentions in hiding Headland hiring from Iger’s eyes, the fact is, the new Disney Plus show (which is now confirmed to be under production, according to trusted YouTubers and Star Wars connoisseurs Mike Zeroh and Doomcock) will only help widen the existing gap between Lucas Film/Disney and the fans.

In the meantime, lovers of this legendary franchise can expect many more exciting things coming up in the next few months, including the rehashed Episode 1 Racer game, a whole new trilogy of films (crossing fingers for something at least semi-decent!) and many other made-for-TV goodies.

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