-Twitch streamer Ludwig beat Ninja’s old record with nearly 270K all-time subs. 

-Ninja was the former title holder with 269,154 subscribers. 

-Ludwig will donate a big chunk of the profits to charities. 

The internet is a fleeting thing. Ask Ninja, he’d know!

Could happen to just about anyone: One day you’re the holder of the record for most all-time subs at mega-popular platform Twitch, and the next, you’re not. This is exactly what occurred to our beloved Ninja overnight, as he lost his priced spot as the top of most-ever subs over the weekend.

As pointed out by the new title holder himself on Twitter this past Monday, following the conclusion of a very successful “subathon”, Ludwig amassed an impressive 269,853 subs, surpassing Ninja’s former record of 269,154 all-time subs.

Though Ninja was quick in motion at pretending that becoming “old news”  was perfectly ok with him, that little bug inside of us (called inner gut or intuition), tells us otherwise. 😉

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Hail to the New King of Twitch

Though it took a whole month to accomplish, Ludgiw has succeeded in topping Ninja’s old record (dating all the way back to 2018), by reaching an amazing 269,853 total subs.

Here’s the breakdown, according to the new Twitch master himself:

From @LudwigAhgren, via Twitter (April 13th, 2021)


#1 LUDWIG 269,853

#2 NINJA 269,154

#3 RANBOOLIVE 114,387

#4 SHROUD 101,588

How did he do this?

Ludwig kicked off his ‘subathon’ last March 14th, already reaching an impressive 100,000 subs count within the first five days. By April 6th, he had already earned another 100 thousand,  and the trend kept on strongly throughout, until it finally achieved the resulting 207K figure that put it right on top of Ninja’s previous record. The latter had climbed up to the cusp three years ago, during an extended session that included Travis Scott, JuJu Smith-Schuster and Drake. 

After the fact, and according to a report posted by esports experts Dotesports, Ludwig admitted that, though his feat is clearly impressive, it still pales in comparison to Ninja’s, at least in terms of actual Twitch “Prime” subs: “One record that will probably never be broken, is the amount of Primers Ninja got, the amount of people that showed up.”

And just as we expected, Ninja being the obnoxious little ‘twat’ we all know him to be, expressed his “admiration” for Ludwigs accomplishment: “Records are meant to be broken, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little sad, but congrats @ludwigAhgren on holding the new subrecord on Twitch.”

Lastly, Ludwig has stated that, once he’s done paying some dues to his channel’s workers and helpers, he will give away $5 bucks per every gained sub to either the Jude Children’s Research Hospital or the Humane Society of the United States.

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