-‘The Adventures of Super Mario Bros 3’ show is leaving Netflix’ streaming service at the end of March.

-There’s a special treat in store for fans of the Classic Super Mario Maker, ahead to its final farewell. 

It’s Me!

No, not Mario, your eFCKNwriter. Who Else Did You Expect?

And I’ve come with some heavy bearings, relating to the latest news pertaining to everyone’s favorite Italian plumber.

Over the last few days, reports started popping up on the net regarding several Mario-related cancellations: Netflix announced that they will be removing ‘The Adventures of Super Bros 3’ from their library by the end of March, and Nintendo will withdraw the classic Super Mario Maker, Super Mario 3D All-Stars and Super Mario Bro. 35 from their online services on March 31st. 

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Netflix to cut Super Mario 3 show; Nintendo shuts down game servers

According to a recent article by online magazine, the folks at Netflix will remove The Adventures of Super Mario 3 show from their collection by March 31st, in response to a direct request by Nintendo’s headquarters. 

The news splashed only a few days after Nintendo of Europe made it clear that they had intended to cut down on some Super Mario products, though no statement has been yet issued in regards to the reason behind their decision.

And so, right on that last airing day of the Super Mario show,  Nintendo also plans to unplug the servers for several of older Mario titles still in regular online circulation, including Super Mario 3D All-Star and Super Mario Bros. 35 on Switch, and the classic Super Mario Maker version for the Wii U. 


Super Mario Trivia

Those who still remember the Super Mario Bros movie from waaaay back in the day (circa 1993) might recall that both Mario and Luigi had ‘Mario’ as their last name. Thus, ‘Super Mario Brothers’ finally made more sense as a company name for their plumbing business, as opposed to just a simple mistake in semantics and grammar by the game’s creators. Lol


‘Thank You Mario, But Our Princess is in Another Castle’ 

Turns out the streaming show will be moving to another network, (apparently a new streaming service by the people at Paramount… go figure!), and fans of the original Mario Maker might be able to find a little bit of comfort in the newly-released set of indie courses planned for its fare-well, called the “The Last Levels” and released by the developers at Ultra Dolphin Revolution, in celebration of Super Mario’s 36 years of existence.

The Last Levels package will consist of 36 different courses, all ranging in varying styles and difficulties. You can find a listing and codes for the Last Level courses by following the links that start RIGHT HERE

So, you see, the princess IS in another castle. We weren’t making it up!

From all of us, crazy-old gamers at eFCKNsports, we wish extend our eternal thanks to Shigeru Miyamoto, Super Mario’s creator, for more than 36 years of the most magical gaming experiences. Without you, we might not have become gamers at all! 

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