In one savage move, a teenager did away with $20,000 of his mother’s money without them knowing. The overly zealous teen spent it all last month on Twitch donations, bits, and subscriptions without stopping to wonder, and now the parent is tearfully minus years of savings.

The anonymous mother recounted that her anonymous son charged $19,870.94 to a debit card between June 14 and 30 (close to a “fortnight”… how delightful). It seems the son was given a debit card with some dough to buy school lunches, but he managed to find out how to transfer money from his mother’s main account to the card. He then went wild and started giving out donations like flyers. The donations went to popular Twitch streamers like Tfue, Gorb, and Ewokttv, as well as Atlanta Falcons quarterback Kurt Benkert and Miami Heat’s Meyers Leonard.


The mother tried hard to get her money back several times, but no go. She only checks her account’s balance twice a month, when she pays the bills, so she never saw the transactions until it was too late. Furthermore, the bank isn’t able to help. “Unless I press charges against my son, they will not help as this is considered friendly fraud,” she said. She wrote to the big companies, but Twitch hasn’t responded and Amazon told her to contact Twitch (there’s a loop right there.) She also reached out to the streamers but, according to her, only Benkert and Leonard have responded.

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