What is exactly going on at CD Projekt Red?

The news that splashed in the last few days regarding CD Projekt Red’s alleged hacking incident took the gaming media by surprise, in spite of the steady flow of controversial material that followed the shameful and incomplete multi-platform release of their sci-fi action title. 

Now,  it seems that the folks at CDPR can’t keep themselves out of trouble, and a whole-new stint is now at play. – Some people just NEVER learn!

The Warsaw-based company denounced an alleged breach of their security system, which resulted in the loss of valuable source code for popular games from their collection, including The Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk 2077. Then, more recently, some screenshots appeared on Twitter, posted by cybersecurity specialists KELA, showing a message supposedly coming from the hackers themselves, stating that they had already received an offer for the stolen data. However, considering all the BS that CD Projekt RED has been feeding the media since before the failed release of Cyberpunk 2077, gaming pundits are beginning to question the authenticity of the hacking claims. 

Was there a security breach AT ALL? – Is this just a publicity stunt thrown in by CD Projekt Red to save some face and move the spotlight away from their latest shenanigans? 

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Too Much Ado About CD Projekt Red

So, let us try to make some chronological sense out of the whole thing: 

-CDPR reported Tuesday that their security system had been breached, and that valuable data had been extracted from their servers. This data includes source code for The Witcher 3, Thonebreaker: The Witcher Tales spinoff and Cyberpunk 2077, as well as some sensitive internal documentation.

-On the same day, CD Projekt Red said they received a message, supposedly coming from the hackers themselves, in which the hackers communicated to them that they had effectively stolen the data, and that they wanted a good chunk of money in return for it.

-CD Projekt Red stated they did not -and will not- give in to the demands of the hackers, even if it resulted in the source code finding its way freely through the endless tubes of the internet.

-Yesterday, Kela posted some screenshots on Twitter, containing an apparent message by the hackers, indicating that they had already found a buyer for the source code, and that they had ended the auction as per the request of the purchaser. The data’s starting auction price was estimated at $1 million. 

-Lasly, Twitter’s security operator VX-underground confirmed that the auction had already been finalized. 

-No information is yet available in regards to the buyer’s identity or the price that was paid for the data. 

We’re left wondering… Is this a publicity stunt, made in order to save face for their highly-circulated mishaps?

Everything is possible at this point; CDPR’ shady record of recent times leaves a LOT to be desired in terms of business ethics, and it wouldn’t surprise us if this new hacking scandal ended up being nothing more than hot air, spread out in an attempt to shift the story away from the Cyberpunk 2077 disaster.

What do you think about this? Was this premeditated, or is CD Projekt simply the “victim” of some awful Russian hackers? 

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