The Culture War Rages On!

Last week’s forced exit of former UFC star Gina Carano from The Mandalorian sent shockwaves through the internet, with many die-hard fans of the classic Star Wars franchise manifesting their displeasure in multiple ways with Mordor’s executives. – Oops! Pardon me, Freudian slip, I meant to say Disney. My Bad. – And while Mickey Mouse’s last faux pas still continues to unfold, another pesky rumor is finding its way into every channel of Hollywood, gaming and entertainment pundits everywhere. Now, it looks like the show’s lead, Pedro Pascal might also be leaving the show.

The Chilean actor, who became world-wide famous following his interpretation of the bisexual and foolhardy Dornish prince Oberyn Martel in Game of Thrones, was recently confirmed to be playing Joel in the upcoming ‘The Last of Us’ show adaption of the popular video game. The HBO show is scheduled to start production later on this year, which has left many Mandalorian fans wondering, How on Earth is Pedro Pascal going to have time to shoot the fourth season of the Mandalorian? Will there BE a fourth season of the Mando at all?

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Lots of Speculation surrounding Pedro Pascal’s future in the Mandalorian

So, the latest rumors have it that Pedro Pascal may not be returning for the shoot of another Mandalorian season.

Let us make it perfectly clear: Pascal WILL be returning for the third season. It was already shot and is probably now in the post production stages, and will be released sometime later this year.

Nonetheless, it’s important we all remember that Pascal was immersed in a whole lot of similar talk during the second half of last year, after some click-bait pieces starting showing up everywhere, claiming that the Wonder Woman 1984 star was deeply upset with The Mandalorian’s showrunners after they’d declined to give in to his demands, pertaining to his character’s visual representation; Pascal quickly moved to deny the rumors and the drama was put to rest, if only for short while.

True Dat. Is not like Pascal’s absence would be felt all that much – since we’ve hardly gotten to see him without his helmet throughout the show at all – but, the leaving of two of the show’s main stars is raising concerns that The Mandalorian’s future could be in danger.

Now, Lucasfilm embattled president Kathleen Kennedy might be just fine with Carano’s firing, but showrunner Jon Favreau definitely is not so happy-go-lucky about the whole thing.

According to popular Star Wars fan and YouTuber Mike Zeroh, Favreau might be potentially looking out of the series, in hopes of producing a new Star Wars show for the Disney plus channel. The Mandalorian mastermind had apparently designed The Mandalorian show much around Cara Dune’s character, and will not be a-OK with the recasting of the role.

As stated by Zeroh on his channel: “With The Mandalorian season 3 now in the works, both Disney and Lucasfilm are focused on their new Star Wars projects for the universe, where its known that, however, since the Gina Carano’s firing situation, creator Jon Favreau wants to quit entirely from a specific Star Wars project.

Is it the ‘Rangers of the New Republic’ project he wants to quit? 

Possibly. The ‘Rangers’ project was one that Favreau was not particularly “in love” with, according to Zeroh as well, and with Cara Dune now gone from the show, perhaps the originator of The Mandalorian is seeking to refashion a new show out of some of the existing popular characters, in order to continue his vision for his Star Wars Universe, all allegedly with the full approval of Disney’s executive chairman Bob Eiger. 

Could Carano & Pascal be recast in the same parts for a fourth season of the show, for another network? – Will Favreau continues on producing and helping on the popular Disney Plus show? – Is Pascal’s time as THE Mandalorian over?

We’re left with more questions than answers, but we should definitely be finding out more about it as the days go by. We will keep you posted!

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