The "No Valorant Points In Battle Pass" Explained

The “No Valorant Points In Battle Pass” Explained

It seems Riot is not loosening up on VALORANT points in battle pass, and VALORANT revenue lead Joe “SWAGGERNAU7” Lee decided to answer that as one of the hottest questions fans throw at Riot.

SWAGGERNAU7 steadfastly addressed the “Why can’t players earn VALORANT Points (VP) instead of Radianite in the Battle Pass?” question, and accordingly broke down the company’s decision to avoid offering VP through the progression, all in the Ask VALORANT blog. “We want the battle pass to be the highest value product we offer as well as a compelling experience, but by adding VP as an incentive we hurt our ability to fund our long-term vision for the battle pass,” said Riot dev SWAGGERNAU7. (Got no clue on this? Stream and get savvy at


It seems Riot had created an affordable battle pass for VALORANT’s first season, one which would let you earn a whole lotta cosmetics for only ten bucks. But while many games have battle passes that let fans accumulate the in-game currency necessary to pay for the next one, VALORANT’s battle pass has none of that. Plus, some fans feel the cosmetics they can purchase are sorta expensive: one cosmetic collection can leave you 7,000+ (more or less 70 bucks).

As for Radianite, the only current use is for ugrading purchased skins (wow, really threw themselves out there.) But if you are one of the guys who don’t want skins, you get stuck with all the Radianite offered in the battle pass. Still, the Riot dev explained that Radianite Points are set to evolve as currency and will later on allow you to purchase Gun Buddies plus upgrade Player Cards and sprays.

We’ll see…

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