Dr. Disrespect Twitch Ban

The Real Reason Behind Dr. Disrespect’s Ban From Twitch?

A bunch of theories trying to get Doc’s sudden, vague, breach-of-terms ban from Twitch explained, are spilling all over the Internet; some pretty idiotic, some very tinfoil-hat conspiranoic …

Apparently, the actual reason has been ruled out as having to do with hoaxes, marketing stunts and Brime. The only hard-standing theory to let under our foil hats has to do Dr Disrespect’s streaming coronavirus conspiracy theories and its 5G relation, which reportedly had been going on since May.


Twitch may have been forced to consider these tirades dangerous, since many dudes on the Internet were starting to call them out as inappropriate. There was also a moment in which he mentioned that he liked David Icke, the conspiracy theorist, in his Twitch stream, but some of the “researchers” say that he was mentioning it the day he got the ban slip. So Icke is probably not in the mix, but hey, you could see it coming anyway: Dr D was definitely going that way sooner or later. He may have been trying his hand at being funny-yet-dangerous, and got his hand cut.

There’s also a tweet that is apparently making the rounds, where he says he has “information that will lead to Hillary Clinton’s arrest” (which, in my opinion would have gotten him snuffed instead of banned), but we’ll talk about it when we see more of it. IF we ever do…

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