Seems we were right the whole time: since the virus stuff broke loose and all sports league players got grounded in their cribs, they all turned to…yes, streaming games. Who woulda thought?

Twitch, Anyone?

So, with most of the athletes bored out of their skull, and biting off arms and legs, and the coronavirus making them sit out the curfew, NBA players turned their eyes to video games to help them take the jitters off. Starting off with Phoenix Suns’ and Dallas Mavericks’ players, who got the bugbite and ended up taking their postponed matchup online playing NBA 2K on Twitch last Friday, other NBAers later followed and took to gaming and streaming on Twitch, including Josh Hart, De’Aaron Fox and Trae Young.

Hart announced like a big deal, that he was going back to streaming this weekend, Alex Caruso got to phishing for attention with FIFA, Fortnite, and COD on Twitter, while Ja Morant announced he was to about to become a gamer. Trae Young mentioned the virus as the big excuse for the guilty pleasure of learning how to play all these video games. Yeah, yeah. It’s all about you, dudes. But who’s the REAL ass-kicker of them all?


Weekend Basher

The esports world is a humongous place; well, duh: it’s worldwide. From Dota 2’s The International all the way to League of Legends domestics and regionals, the badass winner is the one that impacts the scene better. And we got one. That’s right, the weekend basher is (drumroll): Pro athletes getting it on using Twitch. It’s like, esports the winner, man. So, whether it’s NBAer Luka Doncic totally messing up the streaming setup and screaming asking for help with Tweets, or Dale Earnhardt Jr. having a go at an exhibition eNASCAR race, or the Suns and the Mavs working up a sweat and hitting it off by playing their postponed matchup on Twitch, well guess who made it happen. Yes, we did.

Some of the athletes were already hooked, I mean, were regular gamers from the start: former UFC champion Demetrious Johnson, Twins Pitcher Trevor May, Phillies pitcher Cole Irvin, and NHL player Zach Werenski, but with so many events being shat on by CoronaV, and many more to come, online streaming of video games has come to save the asses of not only hysterical players without an arena and nowhere to go, but also for their fans. Pokes between athlete friends seem like the beginning of long-term, home-organized tournaments, charity streams, etc. That’s right. Take it in. Esports went and made everybody their bitch.

Seems like esports is the neatest safe zone around these days but… how long will this new friendship last? Turn back to eFCKNsports for the most irreverent coverage on all esports news related. Who Knows! Maybe you’ll learn a thing or two about esports betting strategizing. See Ya!