• Twitch explains and updates ban criteria for streamers, but we’re left wanting
  • No news on Dr. Disrespect’s arbitrary ban over a year ago
  • Twitch community says: too little, too late 

A lot of twisted crap is often heard about giants and moguls, and Amazon-owned streaming platform Twitch is no exception. The company is infamous for banning their streamers on impulse, on a whim, without explanations, just because. Don’t get me wrong, there have been a few instances in which they did justify the bans… yeah, lol.

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After so many bans and so few explanations, Twitch has apparently made a slight move towards correcting these whimsical, unpredictable snubs by announcing via Twitter an update regarding their criteria (if there were any to begin with.) The company announced that it would be sending out detailed descriptions, including clip and date of publication, to make sure the snubbed streamers got a clue as to what they did wrong… if they even did do something wrong. 

The new format will include the rule the streamer-to-be-banned broke, plus the details of the stream in which they dissed the rule (such as the name of the clip, date, and the exact timeframe for which the streamer will be ousted from the mercy of the platform.)


One of the most baffling bans was the snubbing streamer Dr. Disrespect got over a year ago. Of course, many other streamers received pretty similar bans from Twitch without even a mention as to the rules they were breaking, but only Dr. Disrespect got in the limelight to spearhead the public’s uproar; as it generally happens, the other cases quickly lost attention.  


So, is the new ban format a welcome mat, or are they trying to pull one over? The Twitch community is not yet on board regarding the new format: while some appreciated the update to be baby steps in the right direction, many others thought it was “too little, too late” after having disrespected quite a few users and then taking a stand way after it was long overdue. 

Baby steps don’t mean great progress, although they do mean coming out of the deep end; after such a long time, Twitch should actually listen to the community and really step it up. Their intent, while commendable, is left with more holes than a piece of cartoon cheese.

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