Great! So, WE thought that the dark times of the Gamer Wars of the past decade were behind us? And that pseudo-gamer activists of the likes of Anita Sarkeesian had already seen their glory days of calling long-time gamers man-babies, sexist pricks, basement dwellers and so on?

Well, allow me to enlighten you my fellow gamer, and break the latest shenanigan from the lame PC police: Twitch just showed us the type of people they think appropriate to run their “Trust & Safety Council” which is short for “We want you to shut up and tone it down because… someone might get offended” Boohoo! OMG! We definitely are living the “glass generation”!


But you see… the censorship motive alone isn’t what’s FCKN ridiculous about the whole thing, rather, the uncannily laughable nature of one particular “moderator” that Twitch just put on their payroll. Jeremy, from leading vlogger community Geeks & Gamers, put out a Youtube video this morning featuring some vid excerpts by the aforementioned creep. You’ve got to check it out! (Kudos to the entire G&G team; they always keep it real!)

Anyhoo, the… girl(?), furry, extraterrestrial depicted in the video is seen obtaining weird sexual gratification from someone we can only hope is her girlfriend? (nothing against sexual freedom but THAT’S JUST FCKN CREEPY!), and, ever so surprisingly, calling the gamer community a hub of white supremacists… because it’s a FACT! If she says so… I guess?

Seriously Twitch, SERIOUSLY? You want to shove down this type of BS down our throats? Looks like the big heads behind the largest streaming service for gamers have really bought into the social politics crap we’re all so sick of.

Good going Twitch! 😉

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