So, it looks like the competition juice is starting to kick in: Google has decided to let everyone have a 2-month freebie and announced it on April 8th. It seems…

Apparently, Phil Harrison, Vice President and GM at Google Stadia, wanted to take the isolation and quarantine loads off your back for a while, but we all know PS5 and its DualSense are already getting on everyone’s nerves. Sooo… Stadia Pro is chipping in. Gamers in fourteen countries are going to have access to Stadia Pro for 2 months, whether you are just signing up or already a paid subscriber. Yasss!


Signing up will get you 2 free months of Stadia Pro, and also instant access to 9 games, which include GRID, Destiny 2: The Collection, and Thumper. Paid Stadia Pro subscribers won’t get billed the next two months, so yeah, they meant it.

Here are some tips, if you’re new to Stadia Pro:

Go to to sign up, and download the app. Play on your lap, desk or tablet device with your HID compliant, USB-supported controller or mouse-keyboard combination.

That’s about it! No biggie. Customer support is not at full capacity, so if you need anything, they got automated help or a Getting Started Walkthrough they uploaded.

Hey… it’s free. Just lettin’ you know.

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