Valorant patch 1.02 Problems

Valorant Players Report More Issues And Problems After Patch 1.02

So, it’s the same story all over again: every new patch brings problems along, but this time, they’re old problems come back to haunt you.

What’s with these patches? This new one, Patch 1.02 has generated game performance issues and hit registration problems, just when VALORANT players were ready to rumble with the start of the game’s ranked game mode, all in Patch 1.02. But the Ghost of Issues Past came a-rockin’ and made the players see familiar issues which had supposedly already been fixed before (déjà vu, anyone?)


The problems went from game performance problems that made players lose a lot of frames per second during specific moments, such as a firefight or when multiple abilities show up on a screen at the same time. And these FPS issues aren’t new to VALORANT players. They have been battling with the game’s performance on certain devices ever since the closed beta phase, but the biggest issue making a comeback is the hit registration problems, which has been making the rounds and ruining some games. Mind you, the inconsistent hit registration had already been “fixed” in May by Riot Games (seems to me they only sugar-coated the damn thing.)

Another problem included is that headshots aren’t registering on crouching opponents (headshot rings out, blood spatters, but the match still registers body shots… hmmm.) This causes people to die from a player they thought they had eliminated. Talk about VALORANT giving you the runaround.

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