• Warner Bros. has new fighting game called MultiVersus
  • Release is programmed for 2022, sometime then
  • It will be free-to-play

It’s a cartoon brawler that’s joining the fight as the new, free-to-play game MultiVersus by Player First, with help from Warner Bros., and it brings some changes to the genre of all-star brawlers.

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Warner Bros. has been teasing since October about a project, and reports have been featuring rumors an a crossover fighter called MULTIVERSUS, and finally, things seemed to be taking shape. (Yes, please, enough with the attention-phishing already!)

The MULTIVERSUS fighting game would be featuring a medley of characters such as Batman, and Gandalf, or Tom & Jerry and Rick & Morty in an oddball mix very close to predecessor Smash Bros. Of course, none of this was confirmed until recently, when Player First co-founder and game director Tony Huynh let us have a glimpse of the free-to-play fighter.

The content for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is drawing to a close, so there’s some pretty good elbow room for another crossover fighter. This means MULTIVERSUS may be up against recently-released Nickelodeon: All-Star Brawl to get their foot in the door.


MultiVersus has this very important difference that makes it seem not just another wannabe: their gameplay emphasizes teamwork between players, using a format of two-vs-two. (Of course you can play solo if you want, you unsocial basturd, but just know that your character will have special abilities made for teaming up with mates for co-op, so there.)

And, of course, being developed in cooperation with Warner Bros., MultiVersus will give the user many, many familiar characters, from animated to live-action series. This includes DC comic book characters (such as Batman and Harley Quinn), plus Scooby Doo, Bugs Bunny, all the way to Adventure Time’s Fin and Jake, to name just a few. (It’s gonna be that piñata feeling of letting your favorite character take a licking, all over again…)

The game is going to be available on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. It will have full cross-play and cross-progression at launchtime.


First Play and Warner seem to have no intention of setting a date for the game’s launching. Sometime in 2022 is the best we could get out of them. (Now, that’s really cutting themselves some slack.) Either way, they’re probably gonna say something somewhere around the December Game Awards. Let’s just set down and expect more teasers, then.

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