-Microsoft confirmed the rebranding of the Xbox Live service into Xbox Network on Monday.

-The name change is intended to help users tell it apart from the Live Gold membership service.

A “farewell” to the era of Xbox Live!

Following the spread of unfounded rumors during the last few months, concerning the apparent change in the name of the classic Xbox Live service, Microsoft finally confirmed on Monday their intention to rebrand the service for the more fitting ‘Xbox Network.’

Why? – Looks like some users were confusing the actual uses of the original Live service with the Xbox Live Gold memberships. To be perfectly clear, the original Xbox Live was the web service for Xbox users that came right about the release of the original Microsoft gaming console nearly 18 years ago, while the Xbox Live Gold refers to a whole different tomato, with expenses and characteristics completely of its own.

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Goodbye Xbox Live… It was nice knowing you

So, the official story has it – by the good guys at The Verge, no less –  that all those suspicions about a name change for the Live web service were TRUE from the very getgo, and that Microsoft had been full of baloney the whole time!

According to the statements issued by a legit spokesperson for Bill Gates’ software emporium: “The update from Xbox Live to Xbox Network is intended to distinguish the underlying service from Xbox Live Gold memberships.” 

But this is NOT where the story began.

Back in August of 2020, some Xbox users, particularly those possessing the sufficient patience to go through the ENTIRE Microsoft service agreement, noticed that the Xbox Live service was no longer being referred to as such, but as the ‘Xbox Network’ instead. When consulted, Microsoft denied fostering any plans to rebrand the Xbox Live, or to put an end to their Xbox Live Gold either, but they did say they would be raising the Live Gold costs a tiny little bit.

News of the sudden price hike didn’t sit well with users, and Microsoft was forced to “withdraw” the plan eventually, without telling a single soul.  – Isn’t THAT special.  :/

Anyhoo. Microsoft’s idea now is to get rid of any mandatory subscription rules, as pertain to the freely-available games in the rebranded Xbox Network, which translates to titles like Fortnite no longer requiring the Gold membership in order to play, though there really isn’t a clear time table yet as to when this will actually take place.

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