Privacy Policy

At eFKCNsports, we tend to be pretty lose-minded about most things, but our users’ privacy -and that of their data- is of the utmost importance to us.

Below you will find the main guidelines in regards to the use of information, cookies and other relevant data provided by users to eFCKNsports, and about our commitment to ensure the safest handling of all submitted information.

Personal Data Collection

When visiting eFCKNsports, certain information concerning the device used, IP location of access and pages visited by the users will be collected. We do not collect any other type of personal data. If you’ve stumbled upon our site from a social media link, or any other different media, please refer to THEIR privacy policies to learn more about the data collection practices.

Log Files

In following with standard website servers uses, eFCKNsports employs log files in its data collection processes. These may include number of clicks, players movements through the site, ISP, IP addresses, browser type and other similar information.


Cookies are little bits of data that get stored in the user’s computer, relating to information about the user’s browsing habits. Please keep in mind that eFCKNsport -and our business partners- make use of cookies on our website. They are employed in tracking users’ activity, security surveillance and analytics. 


You will often find third-party adverts on our site. Our advertising partners may make use of the information about your visits to our website -and other sites- in order to learn where and how they should apply their advertising campaigns and materials. This data WILL NOT INCLUDE your name, email address, physical address, telephone number or any other sensitive personal detail.

Advertisers may also make use of cookies in order to collect demographic data from users on our site.

Other Website Links

Users of eFCKNsports will often find links to other websites on our site and as part of our content. Please keep in mind that eFCKNsports will NOT be responsible for the privacy policies of other websites, nor will it take any legal liabilities for any other sites mentioned or referenced in our site and regular content.

Purposes of Data Collection

  • eFCKNsports will make use collected data for the following purposes:
  • Website Administration. This includes regular maintenance, troubleshooting, data analysis and statistics.
  • In order to enhance our website’s experience for users, personalizing the content and features displayed to better fit their interests and tastes.
  • In order to stop fraud, hacking or any other unlawful activity perpetrated on our site.
  • In order to share information with our advertising partners, in order to better drive all advertising products and social media content in the right direction.

About Information Sharing

eFCKNsports WILL NOT SELL OR RENT your personal data to any third parties. Nonetheless, our advertising partners and other business associates may collect date concerning user activities on our site. All data that is collected through eFCKNsports is stored in secure servers.

Minimum Age & Other Stipulations by Applicable International Law

Depending on the location of the user, some additional restrictions may apply to eFCKNsports features and content, including minimum age of users as predisposed by PARENTAL CONTROL dispositions in every country. We recommend that eFCKNsports features and content not be shared with persons under the age of 18, as its will often include innapropriate/politically incorrect language.

eFCKNsports will not be held responsible or liable for the opinions expressed by eFCKNsports writers and other content creators.

Users can withdraw consent at any time, however, some of its services and features may be thus impeded, disabling us to provide users with a more personalized experience.

Users have the right to request any/all information pertaining to their use of eFCKNsports, and to request the correction or deletion of said data. Please contact us at [email protected] with subjects Data Compliance or Data Deletion Request.

Data Protection

eFCKNsports will take every reasonable precaution to stop the unauthorized use of user information. It will also look to prevent any security breaches or disclosures of any personal data. In the event that any such breach takes place, eFCKNsports will make sure to take all mandated measures by law, and to notify the affected user on the spot.

Legal Disclaimer

eFCKNsports will always protect the privacy of its users, however, it may be forced to disclose some personal data when mandated by law. This as long as said required information is necessary to aid in the resolution of a judicial proceeding or any other legal process.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

When necessary, eFCKNsports will post changes to its privacy policy. We recommend our users regularly check our Privacy Policy section in order to become aware of any such change or new disposition added to the existing list of policies.

Contact Info

Users are invited to share their thoughts, questions and suggestions about our privacy policy and any of the features or content on our site. They can write to our support team at [email protected] at any moment. They will be replied to in the fastest possible speed.